Please read our new Coronavirus Disclosure before your appointment so you are aware of what to expect when you return.

Our cleaning standards have always been above and beyond what is required. Rest assured that this will continue and by abiding by all of the new regulations we will raise the bar to a new level of cleanliness.

Any client that has any of the following symptoms – Fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, travel history, or sick family member, it is mandatory that you reschedule your appointment. Let’s all do our job keeping everyone safe.

1-2 days before your visit our staff will call you to remind you of your appointment. At this time they will also do a prescreening to make sure you are not symptomatic.

Our waiting room will remain closed. Clients will wait in their cars until they receive a call that their therapist is ready.

Clients temperatures will be taken before they are allowed to enter the building. If you have a temperature of 99 or higher you will be required to reschedule your appointment.

Clients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the building.

No guest should accompany a client during the massage except if the person is serving as a caretaker or guardian. Guests should observe all other requirements of the client, including wearing a face covering and maintaining 6 feet of separation from other persons present.

Face coverings for all clients and employees are required. Clients will be allowed to remove their face covering only while they are on the table on their stomaches. Face covering must be worn when clients are on their back.

Adequate cleaning products, sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, etc. for each room and tools to be used after each client as recommended by CDC guidelines are maintained.

All linens and laundry will be washed after each massage treatment with disinfecting laundry detergent.

All employees are required to stay home if ill and we ask the same of our clients.

Sneeze guards have been installed please remain behind them when standing at the front desk.

All non essential items have been removed from the office.

Please do not bring drinks or food into the building.

Thank you

Lisa Aronofsky, LMT
Restoration Massage

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